As the insurance industry responds to a changing competitive landscape, clients are looking for ways to streamline operations, maintain competitive advantage and manage regulatory pressures. Tekvana’s insurance experience delivers the value our clients need in the healthcare, property and casualty, life, and reinsurance businesses. Whether it’s enabling straight-through processing for a complete underwriting process, or the implementation of a digital mailroom for claims, Tekvana has the experience, assets and tools for a solution implementation that provides demonstrable return on investment.

Digital Mailroom

Tekvana’s Digital Mailroom solution framework is designed for organizations that receive large volumes of incoming documents.

Business Rules Engine/Orchestration

Tekvana’s Business Rule Engine solution helps companies streamline decision-making by fully automating business processes.


Tekvana has developed an Claims solution that leverages the workflow component for the latest content management technology.

Straight-Through Underwriting

Tekvana has developed a Straight-through Processing (STP) framework that gives insurance organizations a better way of doing business.

New Business/Member Enrollment

Tekvana’s Member Enrollment solution helps health insurers easily handle the receipt and processing of enrollment applications.

Compliance and Risk Management

Tekvana’s Electronic Communications Compliance and Risk Management (ECCRM) solution help firms meet regulatory demands.