In healthcare, Tekvana has taken a leadership position in building out a holistic approach for the payer-provider ecosystem to enable reduced cycle time, better access to information and compliance with regulatory mandates. Tekvana’s healthcare solutions drive performance improvements and operational efficiencies to meet changing market demands. Our targeted solutions offer clients a step-wise approach for managing and implementing content and data solutions across the enterprise.

Strategy Roadmap

Transforming healthcare into an integrated, patient-centered and accountable care model requires information systems that extend far beyond deployment of an Electronic Medical Record package solution.

Workflow Optimization

Paper- driven processes, manual intervention, high resource allocation and siloed applications all create inefficiencies and increase costs.

Unified Health Information

Effectively managing patient information is critical for any healthcare provider, and the larger the organization, the harder the task.

Patient Portal

Providing patients with electronic access to their personal health record (PHR) is an important component to achieving Meaningful Use.

Reporting and Analytics

One of the keys to effective decision making lies in the quality of the information available.

Legal Contracts Management

Tekvana’s proven Legal Contracts Management solutions help firms reduce the time and complexity associated with reviewing, processing and maintaining contracts.

Policy and Procedure Management

Policy and Procedure Management is a major compliance focus for healthcare provider organizations.