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Businesses have long been savvy to demand that technology investments improve their work processes. To that end, Tekvana has developed a specialized focus in developing applications and integrating solutions that align to streamlining the way a business operates. Our specialized industry focus means we can share and implement best practices for key functions and work processes. True business process optimization can encompass a complex set of systems, information, workflows and departments. And since the optimization of a business process often requires supporting content, data and applications, process optimization efforts are often coupled with content management, data management or service-oriented architecture implementations. For this reason, process optimization initiatives begin with the documentation and assessment of current processes and the desired process state.


Business Process Management
Tekvana is helping firms drive their business performance with the implementation of technologies that enable process innovation.
Auto Workflow and Processing
Organizations are looking for ways to workflow-enable their key business functions, especially those that are burdened by laborious or manual tasks.
Process Design Roadmap
The job of designing a new process, or revamping an existing one involves a network of interconnected components that include people, information and technology.
Application and Process Harmonization
Global firms often find that their heterogeneous application landscape is fraught with inefficiencies and duplication.
Advisory Consulting
Data Management
Information Integration
Information Management
Process Optimization
Life Sciences
Financial Services
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